When It Comes To Eliminating Your Rodents We Are All Business

Pests can literally eat your home and lawn, which is why residential rodent control is so important. Homeowners can avoid these destructive and prolific types of pests, inside and out, with proper measures in place. Regal Pest management has over twenty years of experience of setting a higher standard for quality control.

Rats, mice and squirrels can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to your property. Inside your home, they can eat and contaminate food, damage walls, cabinetry and ceilings. They can also transmit parasites and diseases to humans as well as other animals. Rats and mice are very resilient and area able to thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions. They can chew though electrical wiring, metal, plastic, plumbing, and even glass. Unfortunately, many home owners’ insurance policies do not cover the losses due to gradual destruction by these animals. They can destroy your yard as well. Voles, or field mice, can damage your lawn by munching on plants, chewing the bark off of trees and shrubs, girdling the trunks of roots, which can kill plants, They will also eat bulbs, garden vegetables, and root crops.

Protecting your home and lawn with residential rodent control from Regal Pest give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Providing superior Fire ant control and termites control to Central Florida for twenty years.