Your Home Is In Good Hands With Regal

When pest management is handled professionally and properly, you can maintain the important aspects of your home and lawn without battling uninvited guests. Every homeowner want to keep their investment safe from insects, rodents, and other harmful, invasive pests.

Silverfish, cockroaches, carpenter ants and fleas are some of the hardest bugs to eradicate, but there are many others, all vying for living quarters in our homes and yards. DId you know that almost every plant has one or more aphid species which occasionally feed on it? Infestations of these insects can transmit viruses from plant to plant, damage vegetables and ornamentals, sometime injecting toxins which can distort growth and stunt new shoots. Some aphid species inject toxin into plants, which further distorts growth. Florida has its fair share of other poisonous pests, including spiders. Both the Black Widow, with her iconic red hourglass marking and the Brown Recluse, usually brown but sometimes gray or tan, have bad reputations for their deadly bites.

Using smart pest management tactics will solidify all of the lines of defense against pests that try to crawl, fly, or squirm their way into your home, and our professional centralized pest control service is second to none. Serving Florida residence for ove twenty years Regal Pest Control is setting higher standards and Guarantees our work.