Pest Control Service The Regal Way

Pest can be driven from your home, but pest can take up residence in your lawn and shrubs. An army of fire ants or a termite colony will set up camp if given the opportunity, but when the proper defense tactics are used, these and other pest will move on, leaving your landscape beautiful and green.

There are three common types of grass in Central Florida:

  1. Originally from the Mediterranean coast and the gulf coast of Mexico, St. Augustine grass is the ost popular for both residential and commercial applications. It can grow in many types of soil, but is susceptible to chinch bugs.
  2. Bahia Grass, a native of Brazil, is drought tolerant but requires full sun. IT is often damaged by mole crickets.
  3. Zoysia another popular choice, boast great shade tolerance but is sometimes prone to nematode infestation, Some microscopic, soil dwelling nematodes are beneficial as they feed on decaying material, but other can damage stems, foliage, roots and flowers.

No matter what kind of lawn and shrub fertilization you need Regal can make your home more beautiful, we can protect your exterior with professional insect and effective rodent control options.