Manage Your Pest From The Start

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Pre-treatment for pests is a wise measure of protection that homeowners wisely use to avoid the possibility of future damage and the major repair expenses that follow.

Stopping fire ants, termites, and rodents before they invade is the preferred method for treating your property. Keeping your house clean and your yard free of dead plant matter and other garbage is important as a single crumb of food or an accessible source of water can attract insect like fire ants, termites and roaches. Another pesky insect is the mole cricket. They tunnel into the ground, severing grass roots and new growth. Mole cricket damage appears as bulges and brown patches on your lawn. Worsening the issue, predators such as raccoons and armadillos will dig up your lawn in search of the crickets. Rodents will inhabit walls, crawlspaces and ceilings as they are agile climbers and and expert at keeping a low profile. They can be found along building foundations, beneath rubbish or woodpiles, and in moist areas in and around landscaping.

Quality Pest management starts with pre-treatment utilizing barriers and baits and ends with one of Regal Pest controls’ trained professionals. When you decide to build your home hire a professional from Regal Pest Management to handle your all of your before move in treatments and start fighting the pest from the start.