Regal Takes Away The Sting

Almost everyone who has spent any time outdoors in Florida has encountered fire ants, and the experience is never pleasant. Why is this problem so prevalent? These pest are resilient, tough, and extremely invasive. Regal offers residential fire ant control that helps sooth the sting of these tough little pest.

Two species of these tiny pest are found in Florida, and a colony can contain almost a quarter of a million members. First introduced from Brazil into either Mobile, Alabama, or Pensacola Florida, between 1933 and 1945, these annoying insects have spread all the way to California. They bite and sting at the same time, and can swiftly invade lawns and homes. Outside, they destroy the yard with deep mounds while inside, they are attracted to water food and even dirty laundry. They take up residence in electrical junction boxes, circuit breakers, and even air conditioning units. Damage done to the wiring can cause short circuits that can cause a malfunction or, even worse, a fire.

Many small animals can die from repeated bits, so it is important to rid your home and lawn from these insects. Regal Pest Control has been helping residents in Central Florida for over twenty years and have solid solutions. We offer a solid solution for your residential fire ant control needs. We can also effectively and professionally manage invasion from resilient residential termites. Our aggressive methods can deliver the pest management you require for your home. Call us today and let us handle your pest control needs!