Insect Apocalypse: Aggressive Mosquitoes and Cyborg Ants Terrorize Florida

Florida is no stranger to pests, but this year’s batch may be the worst ever, according to Regal Pest Control, an Ocala-based pest control company. With two invasive species of mosquitoes and electronic loving ants to battle, Central Florida residents may be wishing for the “good ol’ days” when fire ants and scorpions were their only worries.

Giant mosquitoes, known as gallinippers, are about four to five times larger than regular mosquitoes. Growing up to the size of a quarter, these monsters can penetrate layers of clothing and produce a painful bite. While these insects pack a punch due to their size, thankfully they don’t spread many of the diseases associated with most mosquitoes.

The Asian tiger mosquito though, is a different story. Unlike other mosquitoes, these pests are active during all parts of the day, as opposed to just dawn and dusk. These bugs get their name from more than just their distinctive stripe pattern; they are a particularly aggressive breed. In their native Southeast Asia, these mosquitoes are known for spreading diseases like the West Nile virus.

The abundance of these mosquitoes is mostly due to 2013 being one of the wettest years in Florida’s history; making conditions perfect for breeding.

Floridians have also been dealing with an invasive case of “crazy” ants. Less than an eighth of an inch long, these ants prefer making their home in electronic devices from air conditioners to computers. The ants can create connections between their bodies and electrical contacts which can short the devices out.

With these persistent species — combined with rodents, spiders, roaches and other pests, it’s easy for homeowners to become overrun. For these tough invasions, homeowners and business need to call in professionals like the exterminators at Regal Pest Control. They have been providing quality pest management for nearly 20 years and can ensure that homes and businesses are reclaimed from all kinds of invaders.

If you are looking for a good pest control company in Ocala, The Villages, Lady Lake, Leesburg or surrounding areas, contact Regal Pest Control today!