Termite Management Guaranteed

Regal guarantees commercial termite control for your business. The most destructive insect on the planet, when it comes to structures, is the termite. These voracious bugs can eat a building, and they do so fro the inside out. Expensive damage can be caused before it is noticeable, but there are a few signs to watch out for when it comes to the activity of these pest.

  • Small mud tunnels along the foundation of your building
  • Elongated wings along walls and windows that have been shed
  • Small holes in wood surfaces
  • WIndow and door frames that wrinkle or sag
  • Ceilings and floors that feel soft

Other destructive pests that could be residing in the landscaping and lawn of your business are chinch bugs, fire ants, grub worms, army-worms and mole crickets. Chinch bugs and caterpillars of various kinds will destroy the grass from the top side while grubs and mole crickets damage the turf from the underneath by eating and tunneling. Other wood destroying organism (WDO’s) are the carpenter ant the carpenter bee, and powder post beetles.

As with any pest, early detection and treatment is key and Regal’s commercial termite control technicians are on your side. With a professional pest management service in place, termites no longer have to be a concern for your business. We use aggressive treatments to protect and if necessary, eradicate these destructive pest by calling Regal Pest Control today.