Protecting Your Business Reputation

Running a business isn’t easy at times, but it is made more difficult when pest invade. Rodent control is one of our specialties, and we don’t stop there.

Mice can enter your building and live inside the walls, destroying your property from the inside out, which can adversely affect your bottom line. They will decimate insulation and chew through wiring and conduit. They also carry Salmonella which is a dangerous bacterial disease. Squirrels are another furry nuisance that will attempt to invade your business space. They are agile enough to traverse power lines to get into your building, sometimes shorting out transformers and even causing fires. They will chew through wiring and build nests in attics where they can easily reproduce new generations. They do exterior damage as well, frequently churning up Florida lawns by searching for and burying their food. They will also chew on trees or shrubbery, making a mess of the exterior and killing some of your landscaping.

When it comes to rodent control, our experienced professionals are up to the challenge. We can handle the toughest fire ants as well. You work to provide the best service for your customers and your business deserves the best pest control service. Regal has over twenty years of experience and it is always our pleasure to help.