Keeping Your Lawn & Shrubs Healthy

When customers visit your place of business the first thing they see are the lawn and shrubs surrounding your building. To keep your landscape in tip-top shape, mowing and trimming isn’t enough. When pest invade, you can lose customers strictly due to the appearance of your exterior.

Commercial greenery can be infested with many different insects and other pests, including fire ants. These tiny creatures came to the United States in the 1930’s though the port of Mobile, Alabama from South America. They have no natural enemy and are more abundant per acre in Florida now than in their own homeland. They only need a place with a food source and adequate moisture. They are aggressive, and their painful sting poses a threat to not only humans, but wildlife as well, making them a nuisance that can damage your property and your reputation.

Lawn & shrub fertilization enhances your business image giving clients the first impression that you are a professional and that you are in control of pest. Proper Pre-treatment of the exterior can protect the investment you have in your business and is the first step in utilizing the professional services we offer for Business properties.