Quality Exterior Pest Management

Pests can not only be found in your office space, but they can also invade the lawn and landscaping surrounding your building. If this happens, you will benefit from our exterior pest management service. An army of fire ants or a host of other bugs can and will move in if given the opportunity, but when the proper defense tactics are used these and other pests will moce on, leaving your commercial property beautiful and green.

Originally from the Mediterranean coast and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Augustine grass is the most popular for both residential and commercial applications. It can grow in many types of soil, but is highly susceptible to cinch bugs. St. Augustine grass creates a beautiful green to blue-green dense turf that is well adapted to ost soils and climatic regions in Florida. Certain Cultivars have better shade tolerance than other warm season grass species. St Augustine establishes quickly and easily. Other insects pests, including webworms, army worms and mole crickets can damage the lawn of your commercial property.

No matter what kind of exterior pest management you require to keep your office building more beautiful on the outside, we can protect and provide treatment with professional insect and rodent controls option. Let Regal protect your business’s exterior and show off your beautiful lawn and Shrubs to the world.