Look For Contractors Who Prefer Quality

Today’s business owner has to be educated, professional and diligent. Part of the diligence comes into play with the pre-treatment of your commercial property against insect and other pest that can take away from your appearance and the investment you have made.

To keep your commercial property free from bugs and other uninvited pests, we utilize methods to protect the barriers and keep them from destroying valuable landscaping and interiors. In Florida, roaches, fore ants and termites can wreak havoc on structures. One cockroach, considered one of the fastest running insects in the country, can produce about 20 offspring every three days or so. Termites not only eat wood, but snack on all paper, plastics and fabric made from plants as well. Blood-sucking fleas can be carried in by customers, and other pests such as silverfish, earwigs and mice can make your place of business a home for themselves while chinch bugs, grub worms and mole crickets are outdoors munching on your company’s lawn.

Pre-Treatment is yet another investment from which every business owner can profit. From insect to disease-infested rodent control, our aggressive professional services can give you the peace of mind and a larger piece of the market share by attracting customers.

Contact Regal Pest Control and go with the pros for an affordable price.